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Get on the Good Foot

Starting off? You might have to shake a leg!

When we get married there's a lot of things to do. First, obviously there's wedding planning but after the wedding is over, man, the real work begins! There's name changing, account merging, moving, just to name a few of the big tasks...

Although, have you ever thought about what it all means? If you're a Christian then you might have thought about it before because of something you read in the Bible. If you haven't thought about it though let me give you a little idea of what I mean.

You and your spouse are being put in a blender.

Two become one but also you are going to be put through potentially something that really mixes you up!

You see, God created us to need each other. When we get married we combine our hearts in such a way that every aspect of our physical & emotional lives become intertwined. And this is all for a very good reason.

When we get married our experiences multiply. Not only are you experiencing your life but you are experiencing another person's life as well. No, you won't (and shouldn't) spend every waking moment together, but even while you are apart there is something about the covenant we make in marriage that makes what happens to the other person matter. Not only does it matter but it matters a whole lot! It matters so much that when something bad or difficult happens we may experience a range of emotions. This is just a small example of the "blender" we are put through in marriage. It may feel like we've been blended up with the fruit and ice and just been spewed out the top and flung against the walls sometimes.

But I want to say, that's ok. We were created to feel... and sometimes we feel... not so great. What matters is what we do with those emotions and that feeling we get when we finally realize "I love this person so much, it hurts."

So, when we come to the marriage altar there is much work to do after the ceremony but lets not forget what needs to be done BEFORE the marriage begins. We each need to be prepared for what's coming. We need to be prepared for the blender we are stepping into. How will we handle the experiences of another person's life? How will we deal with another person living in our house, sleeping in our bed, and folding our unmentionables? How will we handle their bad moments and how will they handle ours?

When my wife, Stacy is trying to get me to get in line she'll say "Hey, shake a leg! Let's go!" It's always makes me think of James Brown up on stage shaking that leg and making the crowd go crazy! Really though, we need to get ourselves in gear and make the most of the time we have to prepare for what's coming. A big moment is about to happen when you get married and it's going to take lots of work, but you can do it. Just get on the good foot... shake a leg... and work hard to make your marriage the best it can be before it even starts!

Ready to shake a leg? Let Stacy and I walk you through the SYMBIS program to help get your marriage off on the good foot!

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