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We have been married for 14 years and have 4 children together. We fondly call them the "Davis Cat 4" after our years of living through hurricanes in South Florida...we now live in South Carolina, but often our home is reminiscent of some category 4 hurricanes we experienced! We have served in Christian ministry for over 16 years and absolutely enjoy working together. We have discovered that we both thrive most when we are in a position to support and encourage others. A Better Story was born out of a strong desire to use our coaching and counseling gifts to build stronger marriages and families. 

The heart and vision behind A Better Story unfolded to us after being certified as Symbis facilitators. It felt accidental at first but then we started to sense that it was pieces of a puzzle fitting together to help us live out our purpose. As Stacy counseled people, she experienced firsthand how marriages are the foundations of families. The quality of the marriage absolutely permeates to all in the home. We wanted to make marriage counseling feel more approachable, positive, and less crisis-driven. We've counseled couples in the areas of marriage, finances and family life. We have been sold on the idea that "fun matters" for a long time. Getting away from the daily grind to have fun is most certainly a way to deepen connections with those we love.

In terms of qualifications to do all of this, Jordan is an ordained minister and has counseled with numerous individuals and couples through marriage, family & spiritual matters. Stacy is a licensed professional counselor. We both are certified facilitators in SYMBIS,

an excellent tool for both pre-marital and married couples.

Just like you, we've been trying to live into our better story. We have had our own ups and downs and continue to learn a lot in life. We come to this venture not as perfect authorities but aiming to come alongside individuals, couples, and families to provide support.  So, whether it is in the area of finances, spiritual growth, family, or marriage, we would be honored to help you

invest in some of the things that matter most for you. 


We would love to help you find your better story.

Hope to see you soon! 

Jordan and Stacy Davis

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